Our Products


As hectic as any journey can become, it’s a good idea to slow things down and enjoy the ride every once and a while. That’s why at 80 East, we offer ripe, aromatic, flavorful flowers that have been grown to perfection, harvested properly, and then cured in our custom designed, controlled rooms to render only the most palatable cannabis for you to enjoy. We take our time to ensure that you get our best; every time.


Premium flowers. No compromises.

80 East Cannabis Flowers are cultivated in superior conditions right here in the capital of the Golden State. We use only the finest, tailored programs to achieve our special brand of cannabis flower products. 80 East are proud members of the Power Inn Alliance, and utilize renewable energy to grow our products. We are happy to be contributors to the growth and economic well being of Sacramento, California.


Concentrates with elevated potency.

We cruise through our extraction process nice and easy utilizing clean, solvent less techniques and pure, untainted water to provide high-end ice water extractions in desired microns for you connoisseurs. Yummy! Or if oils what keeps you in tip-top shape, we squeeze out the absolute most flavorful rosins you could experience. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or taking your next get-together to another level.