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About Us


Premium cannabis for a better life.

We believe that superior cannabis products can make life better. Through a tincture that helps you sleep. With a pre-rolled joint that reduces inflammation. By a shared dab with friends before a long night out. Whatever your needs, Eighty East is here to provide top shelf experiences for the discerning user.     

Superior quality, captivating flavors, desirable potencies and amazing experiences. That’s what we we’re all about.

Our Philosophy

We see an industry plagued by subpar cultivation, inconsistency and a get-rich-quick mentality. But we stand behind our name: our label means an exceptional experience created by world-class cannabis, every time.

 As a business, we operate with integrity, transparency and tradition. We’re proud to bring you the best cannabis from Northern California. We invite you to send us questions about our process. We’d love to talk to you about our process. Because in the end, we’re here to make sure that your experience is always elevated, and never compromised.